How to STOP Falling Off the Wagon Forever (Maintaining Your Intention)

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“Guess i’m getting over the cravings, excuses, and challenges…?”

The Struggling Freedom Seeker

Having A Hard Time MAINTAINING Your Intentions for Your Future? Can’t Stay on Track? Get the Truth Behind EXACTLY how to MAINTAIN your Freedom Intention (RIGHT NOW)!!

Watch the Ultimate Tip video, or keep scrolling to read more…

Falling Off the Wagon...

When the cookies magically appear… and the couch swallows you whole and literally keeps you from practicing yoga like you said you would earlier… 

Last time we chatted about Setting a FREEDOM Intention…

Today we’re going to get to the root of why and how.

May the OH B.S. fall away gracefully…

The heaviness of all those Old Habits and Belief Systems just end up holding us back, right?

Today’s question is…

What’s the next “step” to overcoming these habits?


It took you all your life to build most of your habits…

… and even though freedom is instant and always present…

… when the doubts come and the muscle-memory gets fired up automatically deep in our very cells…

We begin to act in the same old ways that don’t serve our visions for ourselves…

We identify with BEING this person that “just can’t get it right”.
We hope.
We pray for change.
We do the SAME thing over and over and over again. 

We find ourselves having the same deep-seated reactions, going the same places, believing the same thoughts, and noticing the same people (or circumstances) popping into our lives.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

This stuff is “hard-wired”!

It’s going to take some intentional moments to identify these habits, break them down and build healthier habits…


Find Clarity In Your Intention...

So today on Ufulu Child TV, I’m talking about just that:

A tip for YOU: Maintaining your Freedom Intention.

Everybody and their mama experiences this see-saw feeling of transitioning into a Freedom Lifestyle…

I definitely am not excluded from this phenomenon…

However, there is no excuse that holds any weight when you decide that your freedom is non-negotiable

I know that NO THING can steal your shine, or dull your light…I personally just had to get out of the HABIT of dimming my own light (that’s just the honest truth).

As your Freedom Tribe Sister in the Journey, I’m here to push you a little bit– to FULLY involve yourself in every moment…

Your job is to keep going and allow for yourself to “fail”, “fall”, or even”succeed” with an open heart… without clinging to the IDEA you have of yourSelf.

Remember: This isn’t a one-way pointing. It’s a dialogue, so go watch right now and be sure to leave me a message in the comments. I can’t wait to hear from you. 😀

For actionable and effective Freedom Lifestyle tips like this (over 100 more), get your FREE copy of the Ultimate Checklist right NOW!

Love and Hugs,

Hortencia “New Habits” Campbell

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