How to Leave Outside Stress OUTSIDE FOR GOOD (You Can’t Bring It With You)

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“It’s not me! My CIRCUMSTANCES are holding me back…”

The Struggling Freedom Seeker

Ever catch yourself saying stuff like that? Here’s a Totally Simple way to be free from all the outside stress that causes so many to suffer! Learn EXACTLY How to leave Outside stress OUTSIDE– FOR GOOD…

Watch the Ultimate Tip video, or keep scrolling to read more…

Don't Do This Here No Mo'...

I would be the first one to frantically run to and fro trying to pick up the pieces to everyone else’s life.

All the while… I would drown in feeling broken and drained despite my smiles and “I’m fine! Don’t worry about me”s (definition of a Hot Mess)

THEN I would get upset and SO frustrated with myself for allowing my self-care to slip so far away…

Anger and Frustration are like poisons we ingest willingly.

We say, “Oh hey there frustration! What’s That? You want to take over my entire life for a moment? Sounds Great! How about I extend this to an hour or MORE! Yaaayyyy!”

Okay, okay. Fine.
We don’t actually SAY that, but’s that’s how it plays out in our experiences, Right?

Have you ever noticed there seems to be something trying to burst out of your whole body when you feel frustrated, angry, worried, or anxious?

Or when you feel grumpy and uncomfortable?

Everyone has their own perceptions of what emotions do to us on the inside…



…Only a select few people have come to a place of true understanding with their “negative” feelings. 

When you come to a new place of true understanding, you are able to see that they don’t truly represent how YOU feel.

The truth is that when you feel ANY “NEGATIVE” EMOTION, it is “visiting” you for a short while…

Emotions are innocent in all this… We are the ones that give them the importance and turn them into “monsters”.

These feelings don’t need to be taken with you wherever you go…

But we tend to carry them with us and don’t let them finish their visit on time. 

Ever hear “You better take those shoes off unless you want to mop and polish my floor!” It’s kind of like that…

So on today’s episode of Ufulu Child TV, we discuss how to LEAVE YOUR OUTSIDE STRESSORS OUTSIDE.

Don’t bring them into your inner self. 

Learn to leave them “outside” of the sense “I” and stop identifying with them as yourself…

Remember: This isn’t a one-way pointing. It’s a dialogue, so go watch right now and be sure to leave me a message in the comments. I can’t wait to hear from you. 😀

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Unconditional Love and Hugs,

Hortencia “Take Off Your Shoes” Campbell

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